June 4, 2010

Day Two in the Textiles Lab

Another day long stint in the textiles lab I was determined to really explore the potential of the stripe technique. Although day one had had its successes, I felt like what I'd produced wasn't really in line with my colour palette, and didn't look very resolved.
I had a lot more luck today, arriving prepared I had worked out my exact colour palette the night before using the swatches I had dyed in class previously. 

June 3, 2010

Textiles Research

Today was entirely was spent slaving over the textile lab stove top. Experimenting and dying up samples of the African inspired textiles I am incorporating into my final year collection. I intended to experiment with a few techniques but instead spent the whole day on stripes, which lead to me to question whether i should just use variations of the stripe technique in my collection. It would certainly unify the collection, and there is so much variation within this single technique I feel i would really be able to explore it fully if i concentrated on it alone.

The Process....

Iron the fabric into pleats
Clamp a piece of wood either side, leaving one edge exposed, place in dye bath...
Re-clamp, thi time leaving the other edged exposed, and put in dye bath..
Open out, rinse, and iron flat.

June 1, 2010

A.F Vandevorst Spring 2010

This collection utilises the layering and drape of sheer fabrications in harmonious colours, creating detailed free flowing looks that evoke a sense of sophistication and sharp style. One can recognise the wearability of the garments separately, whilst the use of layering and accessorising creates interesting looks for the catwalk. This approach to styling is the way i would like to present my collection in the final year show.

Image credit- Style.com